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By:  Lisa Michelle





WARNINGS:  Sexual Situations


AUTHOR’S NOTES:  This story involves sex with multiple partners.  Decide now if that’s something you’d like to read.



Vala nervously paced around her quarters. Where was he? She knew it. He wasn't coming. He was too wrapped up in some ancient manuscript or other boring artifact in his office. Vala had never met a man like Daniel before. He wasn't easily manipulated. He didn't instantly fall for her charms. And that wasn't the worst of it. She was so attracted to him. What was wrong with her?
The knock made her jump even though she was hoping he'd come after she had pretended to have some information pertinent to one of the planets they were exploring next week. She opened the door to reveal Daniel. He looked mad.


"This better be good."


"Come in," Vala said.




She placed her hands on her hips. "Just get in here."


Daniel walked in and Vala closed the door. "I'm bored," she whined.


"I knew you were lying." He brushed past her and headed back to the door. "I've got real work to do, Vala."


"Oh, your dusty old books can wait a few minutes, can't they?" she said. "Honestly, Daniel, you need to get a life."


There was another knock at the door and Vala pulled the door open. It was Mitchell. She grabbed him by the arm and pulled him inside her quarters. She closed the door and locked it then turned around to look at them.


Daniel and Mitchell were standing in front of her with their arms crossed over there chests. "What did you call me here for?" Mitchell asked.


Vala looked at them both. When she first came to the base, she thought they looked similar, but now standing side by side, she was mistaken. Their facial features were different. Their eyes were the same color, Daniel's hidden by glasses, and Mitchell's blending in with the blue of his uniform.


She smoothed her black tank top and tossed her hair back. "I want the three of us to go on a great adventure together."


"Vala, we're not going through the Stargate." Daniel looked at his watch. "It's too late, anyway."


"Who said anything about Stargating, darling?" she purred. "I'm talking about in this room."


"What?" Mitchell said.


Vala rolled her eyes. "Men are so dense sometimes," she said. "I'm talking about that bed over there."


"Oh God," Daniel said. "I was afraid this was going to be about sex. I almost didn't come because I thought she'd answer the door naked or something."


Vala walked over to him and touched him on the shoulder. "Why didn't you ask?"


"That's it. I'm leaving." Daniel walked to the door. "Some people have real work to do."


Vala sashayed over to Mitchell. She touched the dog tags that hung around his neck. "What about you?"


"Mitchell, let's go," Daniel said with his hand on the doorknob.


"Wait a minute. I'd like to hear what she had in mind."


"Don't encourage her," Daniel replied.


Vala let go of the tags. "Yes, Mitchell, encourage me." She batted her eyelashes at him.


"This is just another one of her ploys to get me-" Daniel began.


"Shut up," Vala replied. "Let me tell you my idea."


Daniel stepped away from the door and back over to Vala and Mitchell.


Vala walked up to the two of them. "I've chosen the two of you to have sex with me." She touched the patch on the arm of Daniel's uniform. "I believe someone's been working out." She winked at him.


"This is ridiculous." Daniel walked away from her and back to the door.


"How about you, Mitchell?" she asked, coming over to him. "You're not as cute as Daniel, but that's all right."


"Wait, was that a compliment?" he asked, looking at Daniel.


Vala ignored his question and continued. "Any man would be lucky to have me and you two act like I'm asking you to-"


"Yes, there's a bunch of lucky men all over the galaxy, aren't there?" Daniel said.


Vala turned to him. "Okay, forget me. Why don't you two have sex with each other and I'll watch?"


"Whoa," Mitchell said and stepped away from her. "I'm not-"


"I know you're not," she replied. "Just having a little fun."


"Well don't," Mitchell replied. "That's not my kind of fun."


Vala came closer to him and placed her hand on his chest. "What is your kind of fun then?" she purred. "Forget Daniel. He's no fun, anyway. It'll just be the two of us. You look like a guy that knows how to have fun."


"Okay," he replied. "I reckon it's the best offer I've had in awhile."


"Fine, you two can do whatever the hell you want." Daniel opened the door. "I'm leaving."


Vala left Mitchell and hurried over to Daniel. "You don't want to stay, darling?"




"Suit yourself," she replied. "But remember when you're back in your office reading those dusty old books you love, Mitchell's in here fucking me. It could be you. I'd save the best for last."


Vala scampered back to Mitchell, hoping that would entice Daniel to stay. Mitchell began to kiss her and she returned the kiss passionately, hoping to inflame Daniel further. In fact, she wrapped her legs around Mitchell and he carried her over to the bed.


Once they were on the bed, she grabbed the back of Mitchell's shirt and began to pull it up. She strained to see the doorway, looking to see if Daniel was still there, but Mitchell's lips came down on hers hard.


Vala wasn't real excited about having sex with him, but sometimes a girl's got to do these things. His shirt was off and he helped strip off her tank top. She was able to see that Daniel was still there. In fact, he was staring at her. He looked angry. Good.


Vala reached for Mitchell's belt and started unbuckling it, then worked on the button and zipper of his pants. He brushed her hands away and started doing it himself.


"Get undressed," he ordered.


A man that got right down to business. She liked that.


Vala pulled off her boots and stood up to get rid of her pants. Daniel was still there across the room and she took her time removing her pants. She stood there in a matching black lace bra and panty set. Reaching behind her back, she slowly unclasped the bra and let in fall to the floor.


Mitchell was down to his boxer shorts. Vala stepped closer to him and pulled him in for a kiss, her breasts pressing into the dark hair on his chest along with the dog tags that hung around his neck. They felt cool next to her heated skin.


His hands went around her waist and moved down to her ass, pulling her even closer to him, letting her feel how hard he was. Well, perhaps having sex with him would be better than she thought.


Vala backed up to the bed and sat down on its edge. Mitchell stepped out of his boxers and Vala was now convinced that sex with him would be very pleasurable. She barely had time to admire his attributes before he pressed her down into the mattress.




That was Daniel's voice. Vala craned her head to see around Mitchell, but she was unable to see Daniel, just hear him. Mitchell looked up at Daniel and then moved off of Vala.


Vala now knew why Mitchell moved aside. Daniel stood there without his glasses or the green shirt, just the black tee, the kind with the sleeves missing. She would have taken the time to admire his arms, but he was staring intently at her. She never had a man stare at her with that much desire in his eyes. If it weren't Daniel, it would have unnerved her.


Daniel grabbed her hips and pulled her down to the edge of the bed. He peeled the panties down over her hips. She raised herself up in order for him to get them off her body and onto the floor. Vala had no idea when she put this pair on this morning that Daniel would be the one to take them off her. He knelt down in front of  her and spread her legs apart.


He eased two fingers inside of her. She closed her eyes and arched her head back. It was so much better than she had imagined. They should have done this a long time ago. But he was here now and that's what mattered.


Vala felt Mitchell's arms come around her body. Oh, she had forgotten about him. His lips found her neck and she reached up to thread her fingers into his hair, not sure if she was trying to pull him closer or push him away.


Daniel chose that moment to add a third finger inside her and began pumping them faster inside her. She moaned. Mitchell's hands made their way up to her breasts. The palms of his hands brushed over her nipples causing them to become hard. She might be losing control of this situation, but right now didn't really care. The pleasure was too much and thinking moved to the back burner.


Daniel stopped and pulled his fingers out of her. Before she had time to protest, his mouth replaced them and she dug her fingers into the bedding as his tongue starting resuming what his fingers had ceased.


Vala moaned. No, it was closer to a scream. Her death grip on the bedding wasn't quite enough and she moved her hands to tangle in Daniel's hair. If it weren't for Mitchell behind her, she wouldn't have been able to hold herself upright. It was too much and she cried out Daniel's name as she tumbled over the edge.


She opened her eyes and looked down at Daniel. His hair was ruffled from her fingers and his glasses were gone. He looked like a wilder, more exotic version of her Daniel. Before she had time to say anything to him, Mitchell moved her back onto the bed.


"My turn," he said, as he rolled on top of her.


Vala was surprised when he entered her quickly, so big and hard that she cried out, and wrapped her legs around him and surged up to meet him. Hard and fast. She wondered if Daniel would be like that. Vala dug her nails into his back, slick with sweat as he continued to pound into her. So fast. Much different than the slow torture that Daniel put her through a few minutes ago. She cried out as he brought her to a quick climax and emptied himself inside her with a groan.


Vala's body was still shaking even though Mitchell had moved off of her and opening her eyes right now seemed to be too much of a chore. She felt Daniel's lips on hers and she moved her arm around him, feeling his naked back. He was totally naked now, she could feel his erection against her heated skin.


"Vala, open your eyes," he whispered.


The words didn't seem to penetrate her mind at first until she felt his hand sliding between her legs. Was he going to fuck her with his fingers again? She wasn't sure she could take it again. Besides, she was already so wet.


She opened her eyes and looked directly into Daniel's deep blue eyes as he slowly slid inside her. She grabbed onto his biceps, waiting for him to speed things up. Make her scream and moan. He didn't. He just moved inside her slowly, filling her, but as if time had slowed down. "Faster," she said.


"No," he replied.


"Daniel, please. I want-" she began.


"Is always about you, isn't it?" he asked.


"Of course it is, darling. You should know that by now," she replied.


But Vala didn't quite get her way this time as Daniel continued to go slow until he wore Vala down and she moaned his name for the second time in the last hour. She thought she heard her name fall from his lips as he came inside her.


Spent and sated, she laid there on the bed for a few minutes, until she heard Daniel and Mitchell's voices. Looking up from the bed, Vala saw them both putting their clothes back on. She scrambled off the bed, pulled at the bedspread until it came loose from the bed and wrapped it around her. "Leaving so soon?" she asked, coming over to them, letting the bedspread trail behind her on the floor.


Mitchell grabbed his blue shirt off the floor. "Yes. You should be pretty tired by now."


"Why? What did you have in mind?" She winked at him. 


"Nothing," Daniel chimed in. "He had nothing in mind."


Vala came closer to Daniel. "What's your problem? After what we just did, you shouldn't-"


"Okay, stop," he replied, in the middle of buttoning his shirt back up. "You're not going to tell anyone about this, are you?"


"Please," she said. "Give me a little credit. Besides, no one's going to believe you'd be involved in a threesome, Daniel."


"She's right, Jackson."


"Shut up," Daniel replied.



** The End **


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