Balance to the Light   

                                                                                                                                                   By:  J. Dax     



CATEGORY:  Angst, AU, Romance

WARNINGS:  Vampires, Some Rough Sex



The seduction of a vampire is to make my subjects feel as if they are the only remaining soul in an infinite galaxy, and that the connection established between the single hunter and their solitary prey is the only bond in a universe of nothing.


To do this there must first be darkness, for only darkness may travel into a nether world where not even hope thrives among the depths of its mystery...only darkness can reign in a place light cannot, for light connects to life, and life connects to all things, defeating the purpose of loneliness and desire...conquering the human need for that one other life near it, feeding off of it.


As an entity of eternal immortality, time has worked both against me and for me. With time, everything moves or stills, sleeps or wakens, decays or rises from its own destruction...nothing stands its test save for the behavior of that which is considered human, and that which is not. For even as change returns over and over, all things still have their balance, their offset...their good must have their bad and vice versa.


So when hope blossoms, I move to the place where it struggles.


For I am caught in death whenever there is life.


Only once have I ever experienced freedom from the net I am forever caught in. And even that was taken from me because of my cursed negative force to that which is positive.


I was light for once instead of darkness. Ascending to a plain I thought never to reach.


For that period outside of time (because my oldest enemy and friend could not affect that place) I was life instead of death.


I found the true meaning of the cycle of rebirth.


But I had to return.


Oma said afterwards, when I awoke again for the second time in her presence on that level of beings, that I was part of the balance. There is life, then limbo, then death, and then life again.


Without middle there can be no end and therefore no beginning.


I am between...I am the middle.


Closer to Ascension than most, and further away than everyone, stuck between worlds of the conscious and subconscious.


Only one person of this time I am currently in knows this.


Jack has been my duidelijk: My marked one, since I came back from Abydos.


He volunteered himself when I was forced to tell what Shar'e had truly been to me. Kasuf had seen in my eyes the secret I was hiding. He spoke to me of legends that had been past down to him from the generations of his family of how long ago, when Abydos was created (or when people had been placed there from earth by the Goa'uld), there had been a clan of what they called: Ab Caligo, or In Darkness.


They fed off of the Abydonian priests and priestesses; never killing them of course, in exchange for protection from Ra, for these people had the power of great seduction and were able to influence the god's attentions, providing enough sway to keep his furry focused elsewhere.


They were the only beings besides Jaffa allowed on Ra's great flying vessels.


But when Ra realized how the Ab Caligo had kept his eyes blind to the sins of the Abydonians he destroyed them with sharp stakes of wood and then burned their carcasses so they could never revive again.


"Yet you are here," Kasuf said, "Our protector has returned"


So Shar'e was given to me to feed off of, but I couldn't because at first, she was not willing to give herself in that way. Vampires may seem a sinister an evil thing to most humans, but we are not without our own of which is that we do not feed off those who do not freely offer.


I would have never survived for long on the planet I had chosen to stay if it hadn't been for Skaara.


I grew weaker every day after Jack and his team returned to earth, and I refused to eat of the already scarce livestock that the Abydonians raised for food, clothing, and travel, the animals were needed too badly.


Skaara saw my condition worsen and willing offered himself as a marked one until such a time as Shar'e was ready for that position.


When I told Jack all this he was bemused at first, and asked many questions.


Like how long I had been a vampire.


The answer was that I had been one since 1734.


I was born in Egypt, the son of two vampires, and laid to rest in a coffin at the age of two because of frightened humans who were on a witch hunt for all things unknown and mystical to them; a girl in a small village in Russia (where we were staying at the time) had been killed by a vampire it was believed...and so all had to die.  

My parents placed me in a coffin and hid me in the cemetery. I fell into sleep and knew nothing of what happened next until I was excavated centuries later by the a nice couple of archeology whose last name was Jackson.


The people I now know as my deceased human parents were frightened beyond speech when they lifted my coffin lid and I "woke up".


Jack's next questions were about age, "I thought vampires never age"


My answer was truthful: They don't.


At least, not the ones who become vampires by way of being bitten, they stay the same exact same biological age that they were when the bite occurred.


However, if you are a vampire by way of birth then you do age physically, as if you were a normal human, until you reach the age your mother was when you were born, then you stop.


And neither type of vampire ages when they are placed in a coffin to sleep; that is how I remained a two-year-old when the Jacksons' found me.


"No more questions tonight, kostbaar" I said.


I use the Dutch language for most of my speech when I am in "Vampiric mode" as Jack has deemed it, because the Netherlands were a dear place in my birth mother's heart. I know this because when a child is born a vampire they have heightened senses of the mind and body, including an almost telepathic link with other vampires, past or present.


My vampiric mode is the all-encompassing term my duidelijk and I use for when I am had the height of my feeding cycles, which begin the night a full moon appears and end the night its own cycle is finished.


                                                                                                               * * * *


Tonight is the moon is full.


I struggle with him.


He slams me into the wall of the abandoned building in the alleyway.


I use my body force to do the same to him.


It is pitch dark and I sense no other living being for miles.


We wrestle some more, because this is how he likes it: snatched kisses and nibbles in between carnage. Love with hate.  

Jack was different from him.


Jack liked to go slow and tender...he liked to kiss until we were dizzy, make love until we passed out...he never wanted to rush, always wanted me to stay inside him just a little longer, always wanted to be inside me through the night.


Jack had no balance in himself, I was his balance...his other half.


Cameron yanks me out into the street and we stumble through the broken entrance of a condemned warehouse. I fight for dominance and throw him onto some flattened cardboard boxes.


I'm on top of him breathing heavily, my adrenaline coursing through me, and the scent of his circulating blood strong in my flaring nose because its pumping through him strong and quickly.


After we breathe ourselves down from the endorphin high, he is ready for me to begin.


I lower my lips to his an kiss him aggressively, his tongue hardly waits for my mouth to be on his before its battling my own.


The pleasurable pulse our hard cocks create between each other is a delicious backdrop feeling.


Cameron rubs up against me and I pull away from our kiss in order to mouth my way down to the side of his neck.


He arches his back and lets his head loll to the side. He knows how good it's going to feel and wants me to have the best access possible.


I sink my fangs into his flesh-covered veins and he moans deeply as I drink.


I close my now dark blue-green eyes as I revel in the sensations of blood sliding down my throat and the slow paced rhythm of my penise against his as he rubs his against mine underneath me.


Jack would have had us undressed before we started, but Cameron likes us to keep our pants on until the feeding is over, says it helps keep him from coming too soon. Even so, my groin can feel every detail of what he's doing to me.


It's finally done when I retract my fangs a few moments later, and Cameron is eager to get on with the sex. He licks the remaining droplets of blood off my lips before I can.


Jack would have never done that.


                                                                                                              * * * *


"Why can't you still be together?"


The questions come from Cameron Mitchell this time.


"He was tired of the darkness" I reply.


He hadn't understood that he was the light, the balance to the darkness: the illumination of my night.


"I've been through darkness before" Cameron says.


"So had he" I state.


"I'm no light-bulb" Cameron says, "I'll never be him, Daniel"


"I'll never expect you to"



                                                                               ** The End **   



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