By:  bugchicklv   



CATEGORY:  Alternate Universe



AUTHOR’S NOTES:  Written for ranereins.  And the flower is a Farscape reference.



When the delivery came to the SGC Mitchell figured that the enormous bouquet was for Daniel. After all, everyone loved Daniel, and one man still did, especially. But the linguist was in DC, and had been for a week--much to Mitchell’s displeasure of course, mainly because that "one man" was there with him.

It was a routine administrative trip that should have lasted for two days but instead turned into six and, for all Mitchell knew, would last indefinitely. And the jealous man was not happy at all about that. His team just wasn’t complete without Daniel.

But irritation turned to intrigue when the flowers ended up on his own desk. Mitchell took a deep breath, inhaling the lovely scent of Strelitzia reginae, and carefully opened the card.

Hunan House, 8 pm Friday. My bed, Saturday and Sunday.”

He had never eaten at that particular restaurant but was pretty sure he’d like it, especially if they served ginger beef. As for the rest of the weekend? Well, Mitchell could barely contain the excitement because he certainly recognized that atrocious handwriting.

Grinning like a loon, his mood vastly improved, he tucked the card in his pocket and closed the door.



                                                                                 ** The End **   


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