Couple’s Counseling  

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“So this is where you’ve been hiding,” Cameron’s gravely voice cut through the silence, startling Daniel enough that he dropped the book that he’d been pretending to read. It fell to the floor with a thud, the pages folding and smudging together under its own weight.

Bending, Daniel rescued one of his favorite novels, even if he hadn’t been able to concentrate on it since he’d snuck into the infirmary to watch over Cameron while he was sleeping. Daniel tried to buy himself some time to think of a convenient excuse to be anywhere but here, “I’d like to think of it more as a strategic retreat.”

“Yeah? Well I thought we were friends.”

The soft words cut through the space between them and straight through Daniel’s heart. He never expected to feel this kind of pain again. “We are,” he said, placing the book down carefully and turning to face Cameron for the first time in over two weeks, he was pale and thinner then he was before, with dark circles blazed beneath his eyes.

“Then tell me what’s going on! First, there was that thing with you and Sheppard! I’d almost swear you were pulling his pigtails except for McKay,” Cameron yelled in full speed rant mode, gesturing and probably itching to pace if it hadn’t been for the cane he still had to use to hobble up and down the Atlantis hallways. “Then you don’t come see me in the infirmary and avoid everyone else, hiding down here. What is up with you?”

“What do pigtails have to do with anything?” Daniel asked trying for the tactic that never failed to derail Jack whenever he’d been yelling at Daniel. They always remember the time he’d spent away from the US and didn’t figure he paid enough attention to pick up American slang. It worked well for him usually.

“You know, flirting, but mean,” Cameron tried to explain, but at Daniel’s blank stare continued, gesturing and talking much more loudly then necessary as if sheer volume would make Daniel understand. “Like when I was in the second grade and I kept punching little Sally Mae in the shoulder until she cried because I liked her.”

“You obviously had a disturbing childhood,” Daniel replied turning back to stare out the window, but really only seeing his and Cameron’s overlapping reflections in the not-glass. “And you don’t need to worry about me getting between you and Sheppard’s ‘happily ever after’.”

“‘Me and Sheppard’?” Cameron repeated, confusion easily expressed in his tone and expression. “What are you talking about?”

Daniel hooked his arms around himself. He had hoped that this conversation could have been a quick and easy one, but nothing was ever quick and easy for a former member of SG-1. “Really, I’m sorry I acted so badly,” Daniel said feeling the blush blooming through his face. “I’d still like to be friends if you’re not both still mad at me.”

“What the hell?” Cameron yelled, jerking his cane as he walked over to where Daniel was seeking refuge in the wall just so he could drop the cane and grab Daniel by both arms, shaking him. “Why do you think I got assigned out here? For you! I’m on Sheppard’s team so I can learn how to lead one and you would be on it!”

“You want me on your team?” Daniel asked, his voice was soft, and vulnerable, brain shutting down for once and the thousand and one thoughts that normally zoomed around stopping dead in their tracks.

“Well duh.”

Cameron’s smirk reassured him that the world hadn’t completely been turned upside down, but he still had to ask, “Why?”

“I’m beginning to wonder that myself,” Cameron rolled his eyes losing patience that hadn’t been his strong suit to begin with. “Because you’re a genius! Because you’re smart, and funny, and saved the world a lot. I thought I could learn from you and we’d be friends and hang out together until people started to gossip about us!”

“Gossip?” Daniel asked, not having to pretend not to understand what was going on this time. He didn’t know how Cameron always made him feel so very much older then he was when he knew they were just about the same age.

“You know what? Just forget it! Obviously I want things that you don’t want,” Cameron said turning to storm off without bothering to pick up his cane. Anger, frustration, and perhaps sadness written on his face, easy and open for Daniel to decipher, now that, he understood.

“Cameron, wait!” Daniel finally got his feet unglued from the floor and quickly overtook Cameron’s limping. He put one hand on the other man’s arm and the other on the small of Cameron’s back. Heat, transferred between the two of them and Cameron stopped instantly. “I want you,” he said simply.

Turning, Cameron brought his own hands up, underneath Daniel’s arms until he cupped Daniel’s shoulder blades and pulled them together. Daniel licked his lips and after a slight hesitation put his hands on Cameron’s waist and tried to remember how to breathe. Just because he’d spent so long imagining sweeping Cameron away from Sheppard didn’t mean he was ready to do it.

Cameron’s eyes dropped to Daniel’s mouth and he moved closer until when he licked his lips he licked Daniel’s as well. Sighing and closing his eyes, Daniel moved inclined his head and brought their lips together for the first time. It had been a long time since Daniel had kissed anyone except in friendship, but kissing Cameron was like finding his way home.

As soon as they broke apart, Cameron brought his hands up to cup Daniel’s face and leaned their foreheads together. “And you’ll be on my team?” he asked, his breath puffing against Daniel’s lips.

“Yeah, but what about Sheppard?”

“What about him? He won’t miss me on his team. I was just a fifth wheel anyway. Superfluous.” Cameron said kissing along Daniel’s jaw line, nipping and licking until Daniel squirmed underneath him

Daniel shook his head, dislodging Cameron from his earlobe, “No, I meant personally.”

“Personally?” That brought Cameron’s face up to meet Daniel’s gaze.

“Weren’t the two of you together?” Daniel scrunched his face up, not understanding why Cameron had decided to play so obtuse. Of course, Daniel wasn’t thinking that clearly either, something about being able to smell Cameron so easily was making it hard to focus.

“Are you kidding? Me and Sheppard? McKay would have me murdered in the most painful and embarrassing way known in either galaxy,” Cameron answered, giving him a sly grin, “Besides, he not my type.”


“Has been in a relationship with Sheppard for nearly the whole last year,” Cameron said distinctly enunciating every word as though trying to get through to a kindergartener. “Don’t you listen to the Atlantis grape vine? There’s a pool going for when McKay is going to drag him to the altar.”

“McKay?” Daniel repeated, flashing back to all the conversations that they had shared about Cameron and Sheppard.

“You know,” Cameron drawled, tugging on Daniel’s chin until he lifted it enough to share a kiss. “I’m starting to think we might need a couple’s counselor if you keep saying other guys’ names while you’re with me.”

Daniel blinked owlishly and then threw his arms around Cameron’s shoulders, drawing him in while being careful of the other man’s injuries. This kiss was fast and messy, leaving them both panting by the time they broke apart.

“I’m going to kill him!” Daniel promised before a laughing Cameron pulled him back into another kiss.



                                                                               ** The End **     



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