Dark Stars   

                                                                                                                                                     By:  J. Dax   



CATEGORY:  Angst, Romance

SEASON/SPOILERS:  Movie, “Children of the Gods”.

WARNINGS:  Vampires, Some Rough Sex   


AUTHOR’S NOTES:  Sequel to “Balance to the Light”.



The bond between a vampire and their marked one is strong.


You feel them...you are them.


Miles away and lifetimes later you know when they're frightened; caught in lonely coffin you've crafted for them. When they're aroused, when they need you like their next breath...when they've stopped needing you.


I watched Skaara as he slept, looking for all intents like a boy-child half his age. Never before have I fed on someone who remained so innocent in spite of so much darkness...he is a light unto himself.




He began to wake.


He sits up with glassy eyes and hair that is impossibly more disheveled than it has ever been, I almost feel like cracking a joke about it although humor is far from me at this moment.


"What is trouble, Danil?" he mumbles as he lays his sleep-flushed cheek against my bare shoulder.


I find his thick accent charming and have tried my best not to spoil it with too many English lessons, especially since I can speak Abydonian fluently now, and much rather communicate that way.


"It is nothing my Geliefd" I whisper, turning my body slightly so I can place a kiss on his forehead, "Go back to sleep"


"Only if you come with me" he says, conversing in Abydonian now, "I can see the shadows in your eye, let me help chase them away"


Such a serious _expression on one so dear...I pray him never to grow haggard with age before his time.


Time...my immortal companion.


Skaara lifts his head from me and reaches his fingers towards my chin so that I am sure to pay attention to him, "Come my love...be rid of your sorrows" and he kisses me deeply.


I wonder to myself at points like this if I should feel guilty about allowing Skaara to be my marked one while Shar'e lies alone in her family's tent dreaming of becoming the perfect wife for the man her father wishes her to marry. That may seem an unfair assumption, but I am becoming close friends with her and she has told me of her hopes to one day be ready to be taken as my marked one.


I feel the cool night air, brush in through the small crevice entrance of the animal skin tent and blow out one of the candles that flickered light inside the cozy bedroom I shared with Skaara.


I the shadows are fewer as Skaara decides to blow out the rest of the candles until we are in full darkness.


"For you" he says softly as he tugs me down onto our sleeping mat, "For you I go into the night, Danil, with no companion but the stars...never forget that there is always light in the darkness...for the worlds glow brightly"


                                                                                                              * * * *


Cameron grins that excited, new adventure, grin of his, as he straddles me in the cockpit of an X-302.


"Ever had sex in a Jet before, Jackson"


I smirk at his antics, "Too cramped, I prefer jumpers..." I pulled him down by his short collar so we were nose to nose, "You can fly 'em while having an orgasm"

Cameron nipped at my bottom lip before replying, "Only if you have that ancient gene thing..." he began unbuttoning my shirt, "and you know how much it kills me to disappoint you, Jackson" his sarcastic drawl on the end of those words made me smile, "But I'm not exactly qualified"


"For the orgasm or the flying?" I asked.


He smacked my thigh playfully and leaned forward to draw me into a kiss.


Cameron must have been picking up on this occasion of my rare happy mood, because he usually likes his sex rough and without any foreplay.


Then again, today wasn't a feeding cycle day, and we have never tried to have intimate relations outside the time span of the full moon, which signaled my vampire mode.


So I had to ask him about it, "Why today?"


Mitchell shrugged as he glanced out over the empty hangar bay, not looking at me as he replied, "I like you, Daniel...I want to see what its like to make love to you for once...just you, without the darkness"


He sounded so much like Skaara at that moment.


I took his hand and forced him to look at me, "I /am/ the darkness...there is no separation between it and me"


"Yes there is...you're a balance, Daniel...you're neither one nor the other"


Neither of us is used to him being this open with his thoughts...it scared me; it amazed me.


"I took this job so I could travel to the stars, Daniel" he entwined his fingers with mine, "And now I've found that I'm traveling /with/ one"


We made love for the first time and it had nothing to do with sex.


We kissed forever in the X-302 before we dazedly climbed out of it and rushed to Cameron's car. His place was closer.


                                                                                                              * * * *


"I think I love you"


"I'll pretend that's /not/ the title to a David Cassidy song"


"Be serious"


"I always am...I thought that was the problem"


"Daniel...Vampire or not-I think I'm falling for you"


"Well let me know when you hit the ground and I'll join you"



                                                                                 ** The End **   



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