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The first time he spent the night at Daniel's it lasted for days. Days full of long slow fucks and even longer nights.

Days of fucking, talking, drinking coffee, making sure Daniel actually slept at least one hour a night. Of course every time Cameron tried to get Daniel into bed to sleep the archaeologist distracted him with sex and Cameron had to start all over again, after he recovered from the sex of course.

He's got Daniel's apartment memorized now, were Daniel keeps the chocolate, the condoms, the extra pencils, the lube, and every place he's got an extra pair of glasses, which is a lot of places. Hell, he's even got Daniel's night routine down to a T, but what's even scarier is that Daniel can say no even before he asks the question and there's no changing his mind.

Cameron's grandmother used to say he was the most stubborn person alive so he wonders what would happen if he introduced her to Daniel. His grandma could cuss up a storm and he can only imagine what she'd say about him, though he’d stake his life on the fact that she'd love Daniel and vice versa.

He'd tried asking Daniel about his family, one of the days they had off and were spending up at Jack's cabin (as it turned out each member of SG1 had a key) and Cameron had been stupefied by Daniel's family tree. Nicholas Ballard, legendary archaeologist now Earth ambassador to the 'Giant-Mist-Aliens' (he tried so hard not to laugh at that one, didn’t work but he’d tried), Clair and Melburn Jackson famous Egyptian archaeologists (tragic story), Catherine Langford his recruiter and archeology mentor (creator of the Stargate Project, Cameron really wanted to meet her), Oma Desala his ancient mentor (and from the way Daniel talks his protector and mother figure, which worked both ways), Sha're his dead alien princess wife, and Shifu his ascended stepson.

Afterwards Cameron had just kinda stared at him and asked casually, “Do you have any family that actually lives on Earth?”

Daniel had responded with a cute; kinda 'what-are-you-talking-about-you-should-know-this' look “No.”



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