First Cut is the Deepest   

                                                                                                                                               By:  bugchicklv   



CATEGORY:  Drabble

PROMPT:  “Everybody cries; everybody bleeds.  No one ever said life was an easy thing.”



AUTHOR’S NOTES:  Written for kueble’s lyric_ficathon.



Mitchell came home to find Daniel on the floor of the kitchen, a crumpled piece of paper clutched tightly in his fist. Fat tears ran down his cheeks as the man struggled to breathe and it concerned Cameron to see his lover in such a state.


He gently pried open Daniel's hand and reluctantly read the missive. It was an invitation to Jack's Sam. Without a moment's hesitation Mitchell gathered Daniel up into his embrace and stroked his back as he whispered soothing words, trying his best to comfort the man he loved.

Cameron knew that what they had was just a rebound relationship for Daniel, but for him it was so very much more. And to be confronted with the depth of love Jackson had for Jack was almost more than he could bear.

But right now Daniel needed him. He'd think of his own aching heart tomorrow.



                                                                                  ** The End **   


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