Love is a Verb  

                                                                                                                                                     By:  Bone  




SEASON/SPOILERS:  Season 9.  “Ethon”.

WARNINGS:  Gratuitous Sex Scene


AUTHOR’S NOTES:  So sorry this is late.  I loved all my prompts and there will be fic written…eventually.  Thanks so much for doing this kueble, sorry I suck at life.






“Why do you have to do that?” Cameron murmured quietly against the thin material of Daniel’s t-shirt, his voice almost lost against the background noise of a radio playing in the kitchen.

Daniel looked down at where Cameron was kneeling, hugging his thighs and pressing his face into Daniel’s stomach. He could still taste the beer that they’d shared earlier in the back of his mouth. They’d left soon after that, though not together, and agreed to meet at Cameron’s place.

“Do what?” Daniel asked perplexed, running his hands across Cameron’s shoulders. He and Cameron had only been together for about three months, but they had been an intense three months, even without considering their fun romps with the Ori and Vala.

Cameron never did anything halfway, and apparently that also including carrying on an affair with good friend and co-worker. Daniel had been surprised at the depth of emotion that Cameron was willing to show him, from vulnerability to tenderness, but there had never been this kind of desperation before.

“Bet your life on the innate goodness of others, hoping for them to be as honorable as you are,” Cameron said, again into Daniel’s stomach, tightening his hands around Daniel’s waist. The hardwood floors must be killing his knees, but Cameron hadn’t hesitated to drop the second that Daniel had walked through his front door.

Unable to hold back a shudder at the warm breath leeching through the cotton, Daniel shivered and massaged his fingers through Cameron’s short hair. His cock stirred, hardening against the pressure of Cameron’s collar bone. Daniel felt like an ass, what kind of a guy got a hard on when their lover was so obviously needing to be reassured and not felt up

“Cameron,” Daniel gasped as Cameron shifted so that he could press his cheek into the curve of Daniel’s groin. He couldn’t help but shift his hips forward as he spread his feet to balance himself out a little more. “You don’t have to,” he started, even as he was praying that Cameron wouldn’t stop.

“Shhh,” Cameron said, the vibration of his voice sending spikes of pleasure through Daniel’s body. “Just let me do this for you.”

Releasing his hold on Daniel’s hips, Cameron reached around and flicked open the button to Daniel’s jeans. He lowered the zipper slowly, putting extra pressure and brushing his fingers over the heat beneath Daniel’s boxers. Breathing wetly against the tented material, Cameron finished pulling down Daniel’s pants and ran his hands up the insides of Daniel’s thighs.

Daniel stumbled back a few steps before Cameron steadied him again rubbing his big hand under Daniel’s shirt and across Daniel’s quivering stomach. Cameron lifted himself, pushing his chest against the front of Daniel’s thighs, and lowering his head to kiss the flesh that was just peaking out through the opening flap of Daniel’s underwear.

A hiss escaped Daniel’s mouth as he watched Cameron on his knees, his head bent and his hands splayed out loving every inch of Daniel’s flesh that he could reach. It had been a long stretch of stress filled days for both of them and it wasn’t long before Daniel was completely hard, rocking inside of Cameron’s mouth.

Cameron swallowed hungrily, his head bobbing and hands circling to cup Daniel’s balls and rub the soft skin just behind them. Daniel couldn’t help but moan hoarsely even though he tried to swallow it back. “C-Cameron,” Daniel stuttered, panting a little and petting Cameron’s hollowed cheeks; stroking down the front of Cameron’s throat. “I’m going to come.”

Holding onto Daniel’s hips, Cameron just moved faster and sucked harder until Daniel exploded into his mouth. Cameron swallowed, mouthing Daniel’s cock and rubbing soothing circles with his hands until Daniel sank to the floor and slumped over onto Cameron’s chest. Cameron held him there, smoothing his hands down Daniel's sides and not saying a word.  



                                                                                 ** The End **  



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