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It wasn't like he cared. It really didn't bother him when Daniel got lost in his research. How could he mind that a book held more interest than being with him?

Daniel was doing his duty; his translation of the Ancients' text could be the key to defeating the Ori. Cameron understood duty; how could he object to dedication to the job? It wasn't like he was childish or unprofessional.

Cameron didn't sigh, he didn't make a sound that would let Daniel know how frustrated he was to be sitting alone on the sofa. He glanced over at Daniel's bent head. He loved the way Daniel was such a contrast; an academic in a soldiers body. Hair flopping over wiry spectacles, pushed back by impressively toned arms that wouldn't look out of place on a movie action hero.

He made sure Daniel wasn't disturbed when he took off his shirt. It wasn't like he felt a need to compete with some old parchment and a stack of dictionaries. So when he unzipped his pants, he hoped the rasp of metal, as he slowly released each tooth, didn't break Daniel's concentration.

It wasn't like he wanted to lure Daniel's gaze away from his work when he put his hand inside his open jeans. He couldn't help it if just thinking about Daniel turned him on. He couldn't help it if Daniel doing the geek thing was sexy as hell. And he couldn't help it if Daniel raised his head just as Cameron was imagining it was Daniel's mouth – not his own hand – stroking him to completion.

He watched as Daniel left the desk and moved stealthily towards him. He smiled to himself; proud that he'd been so understanding of Daniel's need to work. Patience was its own reward.



                                                                                 ** The End **   


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