By:  Caroline Mullen and Gateroller   




WARNINGS:  Sexual Situations




Jack looked from one face to the other, and appreciating the differences between Daniel and Cameron. He liked Daniel's beard too, it was err, growing on him, so was Cameron Mitchell, though for the last eight years, he'd really only ever had eyes for his favourite archaeologist. His lovers weren't identical by any means but shared a few similarities; it made sex interesting that was for sure. Daniel was a very different lover to Cameron. The Air Force pilot made love the way he did everything else, fast and loud. 


Sometimes, the newest member of the SGC made Jack feel old, Cameron was so hyped most of the time that O'Neill found it hard to keep up with him, but that was the thing - O'Neill always found it hard, and throbbing, and desperate for contact, Mitchell was big but not too big to be uncomfortable, the silken feel of him in his mouth was poetry in motion, literally.


Jack liked it best when he could watch Cameron swallow Daniel, at least that way; Mitchell was reduced to complete silence, for a while anyway. Or maybe Jack could just go deaf and sit in blissful silence as Daniel and Cam yakked the night away, although the drawback would be the fact he also wouldn't hear the sighs and moans of their lovemaking.


Their three-way relationship was new and strange to Jack. He loved to make those very human comparisons between Daniel and Cameron, and he smiled to himself as he visualized two very different, but equally magnificent cocks, along with four nipples, two very willing mouths, and two pairs of beautifully rounded buttocks, flexing and straining as those strong powerful thighs worked their magic on each other. Christ, he was horny just thinking about it.


Right now, Jack didn't need to think anymore, his naked body was being played like harp, making his flesh vibrate with pleasure and anticipation. He lifted his hips slightly, urging his lover closer. The tongue became stiffer, more probing. God yeah, he was so ready for this, had been for days. The thought of this had gotten him through their crap mission, through the failed talks and consequent battle to reach the gate. It had been so bad that they'd been forced to hunker down in little more than a muddy ditch for a few nights. But he couldn't care less about that because the tongue had been replaced by a finger, a finger that had just brushed his sweet spot, causing him to lift his hips even higher, begging, pleading and asking for more. He didn't care what it seemed like; he'd lost his morals about the same time that Mitchell had arrived.


Asking for more was totally reliant on his body language; his mouth was filled by a hard throbbing cock, sliding deliciously over his palate. His tongue rasped against the ridged shaft, and he could taste the salty pearl of semen spreading across his taste buds.


His breathe hitched when he felt two more fingers join the first, stretching him as he panted through the burn. The mix of pain and pleasure heightened his arousal and made him moan loudly around the cock filling his mouth.


Reaching out, he palmed a pair of heavy balls, reveling in the velvet texture of heated skin. In return the hands resting on his face tightened and the beautifully proportioned dick stroked against the flat of his tongue, his lover's hips rocking to fuck his mouth. At the same time, the insistent fingers worked his ass, hardening his own cock even more. It was the one part of his body that had been left untouched…for the time being. The ache rose in his penis, making it throb and desperate for a strong hand to grip it and pump. God, he needed this, and his lovers needed it too.


The urge to grip his cock and start pumping was growing, it was only because he didn't want the lovemaking to be over too quick that he squeezed Cameron's thighs and took control of the speed and depth of penetration to his mouth. Bt now, Daniel's fingers had been replaced by a probing cock; it was circling the entrance to Jack's body and making his moan of anticipation vibrate down the length of Cameron's dick, causing the colonel to sigh his pleasure. Not able to wait for the sweet burning sensation any longer Jack pushed his ass back hard, practically impaling himself on Daniel.


This was how Jack liked it, on all fours with Daniel fucking his ass fast and hard, while Cameron fucked his mouth. They were like book ends, keeping Jack gasping and desperate between them. Daniel jerked Jack's body forwards with each balls deep penetration, throwing him onto Cameron's thick hard cock. Jack's own cock tingled and ached, wanting contact, needing to be stroked, but he couldn't lift even one hand without losing balance. Daniel came to his aid, leaning over his back and reaching around his waist to grasp his cock. In doing so, Daniel's thrusts were now short jabs as he ground himself into Jack body. All Jack could do was moan through the sensations, making Cameron push more thoroughly into his mouth.


He felt like some sexual seesaw, back and forth, back and forth. In the ass out the mouth, in the mouth out the ass. Damn, it felt good, no make that fantastic to be alive. Daniel's hand manipulated his dick with familiarity and expertise, bringing him close only to drag him away from the edge again and again. The tension was almost unbearable, but the reward would be worth the tease. What a glorious sight the three of them must make he thought fleetingly before raw passion once again clouded his mind.


The guttural sounds of men in motion seared Jack's senses, Cameron's dick pumped his mouth, and with a yell of ecstasy he came, spilling down his throat. Swallowing fast, Jack took it all hungrily, finding his voice when Mitchell withdrew, panting and sated. Now it was just Daniel and Jack, as it had always been and always would be. Burying his head in the space that Mitchell had just vacated, Jack took over the stroking of his cock from his long-term lover, while he in turn continued to drill his ass. Right now, their contact was primal, as they raced towards completion, flying towards the inevitable. Daniel let out a long keening note as he felt Cameron's fingers slide into his ass, working him fast. Daniel's strong intense and fluid movements began to stutter as his rhythm faltered. "Now!" he barked, breathless and urgent. Jack increased the grip and speed of his right hand as white heat shot through the length of his shaft streaming forth almost pulling his balls after it. Incessantly, Mitchell's fingers massaged Daniel's sweet spot, pushing him over the edge to come hard inside Jack's ass, exploding in a burst of incredible pleasure.


The force of Daniel's projected come hitting Jack's sweet spot almost made him cry out in delirious ecstasy. Christ, he was getting too old for this kind of excitement but he'd be damned if he'd ever admit to it.


The three men lay in a heap of heaving, sweating bodies. "Urgh," Daniel said. "I feel as if I've been on a merry-go-round that's spun too quick."


"Daniel, I so hear ya'" Cameron agreed.


From in between them, Jack found the energy to whoop and declare, "Yeah, but what a ride fellas, what a ride!"



                                                                               ** The End **   



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