Quick and Clean   

                                                                                                                                             By:  Lissa Knight



CATEGORY:  Pre-slash


WARNINGS:  Implied slash


AUTHOR’S NOTES:  Not beta’d.  At all.  So if you find a real doozy, it’s all me : ) 



The room was too crowded. People were just everywhere. Daniel sighed. He hated a ‘show and tell’ day, when assorted Important People were herded around the SGC and told to stop by his lab. There was never any point getting in-depth with them, because they usually glazed over midway through an explanation of where the text had originated, or what it’s purpose was. He usually just tried to look studious.

The last group were just filtering out of his room when Daniel heard a familiar voice coming from further down the corridor. Rubbing his eyes, he went over to the door, looking in the opposite direction to where the group had just gone.

Jack was at the door to the locker room, trying to talk quietly and failing miserably.

“Jack?” he called down the hallway.

“Yeah, hi Daniel. Kinda busy now.” Jack replied.

“Uh. Okay. Anything I can help with?”

“Na, I got it covered thanks. Just visiting.” Jack said, in a matter-of-fact way.

This piqued his interest, and Daniel made his way down to where Jack was. As he got closer, he looked around Jack into the locker room and saw Cameron, towel around his waist and his cheeks burning a bright shade of red. Daniel looked from Cameron to Jack and back again. Both looked sheepish.

“So this is nice,” Jack said.

“Hey Jackson, how’s it goin?” Cameron asked with a faked air of nonchalance.

“I’m fine. What’s with you two?” he replied.

By now Daniel was fairly sure that there was some kind of ‘thing’ here that he wasn’t picking up on. But then, this was Jack and Cameron he was talking about, and neither were going to use 20 words when two would do just fine.

Jack sighed. “Look, we’re just having a little talk. A catch-up if you will. Don’t you have some big old thing to translate?”

“Well, I could get back to my translation, now I actually have some peace, if you’re sure you two are…okay.”

“Daniel, we’re peachy. Go. Translate.” Jack shot back.

Cameron looked a little unsure of himself and went to fix his towel. Daniel let his eyes drop to watch, only remembering his company a second too late. It earned him a ‘Jack’ comment of: -

“Are we done now?”

Daniel felt himself going red in the face and started to answer, but really couldn’t find a suitable retort, so he settled on a quick “uh-huh” and took off down the corridor.

“Jeez,” said Jack “thought he’d never leave.”

“ Yeah, almost gave the game away there,” Cameron said.

“Me and my big mouth. Surprises are so tricky.” Jack said in a semi-sarcastic tone.

“But I think he’ll dig it,” Cameron said with a smirk.

He readjusted his towel and they both grinned. Waxing is so hard to do on your own….



                                                                              ** The End **  



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